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The Journal of Modern Transportation (JMT) is a fully peer-reviewed international periodical for publication of technical and professional articles on analysis, planning, design, technology, economics and operations of transportation and traffic systems. Specific topics cover rail transportation, magnetic suspension and evacuated tube transportation, highway and traffic engineering, air transportation, urban transportation, intelligent transportation systems and information technology, materials science and engineering, and interdisciplinary transportation research in applied physics, mechanics, environmental science and engineering, economics, etc. JMT contains original articles, invited reviews, case reports, short communications, and scientific letters. Contributions and subscriptions from all over the world are welcome.
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2018 Vol.26 Issue.3
Published 2018-09-30

163 Consistency evaluation of the current distribution of short-circuit tests in AT feeding systems for high-speed railways
Qing-an Ma, Wei Liu
2018 Vol. 26 (3): 163-172 [Abstract] ( 89 ) [HTML KB] [ PDF 0KB] ( 0 )
173 Experimental study of the gap between track slab and cement asphalt mortar layer in CRTS I slab track
Tao Wang, Hengqiong Jia, Zike Liu, Zhao Wei, Xiao Xie, Shaoliang Wu, Haiyan Li
2018 Vol. 26 (3): 173-178 [Abstract] ( 96 ) [HTML KB] [ PDF 0KB] ( 0 )
179 A new device for stress monitoring in continuously welded rails using bi-directional strain method
Ganzhong Liu, Hao Liu, Anqi Wei, Jieling Xiao, Ping Wang, Shaozheng Li
2018 Vol. 26 (3): 179-188 [Abstract] ( 103 ) [HTML KB] [ PDF 0KB] ( 0 )
189 A method for optimization of time intervals between rolling cuts on sorting humps
Dmytro Kozachenko, Volodymyr Bobrovskyi, Yevhen Demchenko
2018 Vol. 26 (3): 189-199 [Abstract] ( 103 ) [HTML KB] [ PDF 0KB] ( 0 )
200 Analog modeling of sand slope stability with different precipitation conditions
Tangjin Ye, Qiang Xie, Ying Wang, Yang An, Jiang Jin
2018 Vol. 26 (3): 200-208 [Abstract] ( 97 ) [HTML KB] [ PDF 0KB] ( 0 )
209 Extracting bus transit boarding stop information using smart card transaction data
Zhen Chen, Wei Fan
2018 Vol. 26 (3): 209-219 [Abstract] ( 116 ) [HTML KB] [ PDF 0KB] ( 0 )
220 The VILMA intelligent vehicle: an architectural design for cooperative control between driver and automated system
Olmer Garcia, Giovani Bernardes Vitor, Janito Vaqueiro Ferreira, Pablo Siqueira Meirelles, Arthur de Miranda Neto
2018 Vol. 26 (3): 220-229 [Abstract] ( 87 ) [HTML KB] [ PDF 0KB] ( 0 )
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