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JMT 2011, Vol. 19 Issue (3) :176-180    DOI: 10.3969/j.issn.2095-087X.2011.03.005
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A nonlinear control method for the electromagnetic suspension system of the maglev train
Junqi XU, Yuan ZHOU*
Shanghai Maglev Transportation Engineering R & D Center, Shanghai 201204, China

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Abstract To deal with the inherent nonlinearity and open-loop instability of the electromagnetic suspension(EMS) system,a new nonlinear control method is proposed.The simulation results show that,for a PID controller,the overshoot of the system response to an airgap step disturbance is about 3 mm,and the transient time is 6 s;however,for the proposed nonlinear controller,there is no overshoot and transient time within 2 s.The proposed method has a faster response and stronger robustness.With a designed bi-DSP suspension controller,this nonlinear control method was implemented on the Shanghai Urban Maglev Test Line(SUMTL) to validate its effectiveness and feasibility.
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Junqi XU
Keywordsnonlinear control   electromagnetic suspension(EMS)   maglev train   DSP     
Received 2011-07-01;
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Junqi XU, Yuan ZHOU.A nonlinear control method for the electromagnetic suspension system of the maglev train[J]  JMT, 2011,V19(3): 176-180
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