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JMT 2008, Vol. 16 Issue (3) :233-241    DOI:
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Stresses and Shear Fracture Zone of Jinshazhou Tunnel Surrounding Rock in RichWater Region
Institute of G eotechnical and Underground Eng ineering, H uazhong University of Science and Techno logy, Wuhan 430074, China

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Abstract Field ev idence has show n that large??sca le and unstable discontinuous p lane s in the rock m ass surrounding tunne ls in r ich w a ter reg ion a re probab ly g enerated after ex cav ation. The tunnel surro unding ro ck w as div ided into three zones, inc lud ing e lastic zone, p lastic dam ag e zo ne and shear fracture zone for asse ssing the stab ility of the tunnel surro unding ro ck. B y lo cal hydro geo lo gy, the stresse s of surro und ing rock o f Jinshazhou circular tunne lw a s ana lyzed and the stress so lutions on the elastic and plastic dam age zo nes w ere obta ined by app ly ing the theo ries o f fluid??so lid co upling and e lasto??p la stic dam agem echanics. The shear fracture zone generated by jo ints w as studied and its rang e w as determ ined by using M ohr??C oulom b streng th cr iterion. Fina lly, the co rrectness of the theoretical resultsw as va lidated by com par ing the scopes of shear fracture zones calculated in this paper w ith tho se from litera ture.
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ZHENG Jun jie
LOU X iao m ing
KeywordsJo ints   Po re w a ter pressure   Shear frac ture zone   Stre ss   Plastic dam age zone     
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ZHENG Jun jie, LOU X iao m ing.Stresses and Shear Fracture Zone of Jinshazhou Tunnel Surrounding Rock in RichWater Region[J]  JMT, 2008,V16(3): 233-241
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