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JMT 2010, Vol. 18 Issue (2) :129-133    DOI:
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Testing and Approval Procedures for New Slab Track Systems in Europe
Institu te of Road, Ra ilw ay and Airf ield C onstruction, Munich University of Technology (TUM ),
Baum bachs tr. 7, 81245 Munich, G erm any

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Abstract This paper de scribe s the required te sting and approv a l pro cedure s o f new track sy stem s operated in Europe. To beg in w ith, test m e thods and perfo rm ance spec ifica tions according to Euro pean S tandard ( EN ) are outlined. The se inc lude the repea ted load ing te s,t the determ ination o f the sta tic and dynam ic stiffne ss o f ra il pads, clam p ing fo rce and long itud inal ra il resistance. The fact tha t labo r tests are unab le to sim ulate a ll the conditio ns in situ show s that these labor te sts are no t suff icien t fo r the ev alua tion of the long term behav iour o f a new track sy stem: a test track o f suff ic ient leng th m ust be constructed and expo sed to tra ffic loads. In Europe to be accredited as a new sy stem, a new slab track sy stem m ust have a trial tim e o f m o re than tw o y ears, dur ing w h ich the feature s o f the w ho le sy stem can be reco gnized. In the second par t o f this paper, the exper ience o f the Institute o f Ro ad, Ra ilw ay and A irfield C onstruc tion o f TUM concerning the m easuring m etho ds o f slab track sy stem s ca rry ing tra ffic are outlined. A lso the appro va l procedure o f the new slab tracks in Germ any is discussed.
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L IU Jia
Bernhard Lechner
KeywordsTesting   A ppro va    l S lab track sy stem   Fastening sy stem   Euro pe   TUM     
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