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JMT 2011, Vol. 19 Issue (1) :42-50    DOI: 10.3969/j.issn.2095-087X.2011.01.007
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Evacuated tube transport technologies (ET3)tm:a maximum value global transportation network for passengers and cargo
Daryl OSTER1, Masayuki KUMADA2, Yaoping ZHANG3*
1. ET3. COM INC., Crystal River Florida 34423-1423, USA;
2. Feynman Co. Ltd., 4-5-11 Azuma Tsukuba 305-0031, Japan;
3. Institute of Evacuated Tube Transportation, Xijing University, Xi'an 710123, China

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Abstract Evacuated Tube Transport Technologies(ET3) offers the potential for more than an order of magnitude improvement in transportation efficiency,speed,cost,and effectiveness.An ET3 network may be optimized to sustainably displace most global transportation by car,ship,truck,train,and jet aircraft.To do this,ET3 standards should adhere to certain key principals:maximum value through efficiency,reliability,and simplicity;equal consideration for passenger and cargo loads;optimum size;high speed/high frequency operation;demand oriented;random accessibility;scalability;high granularity;automated control;full speed passive switching;open standards of implementation;and maximum use of existing capacities,materials,and processes.
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Masayuki KUMADA
Yaoping ZHANG
Keywordsevacuated tube transport   energy-savings   high speed   cargo   passenger   optimization   global   network     
Received 2011-01-30;
Fund:There are presently more than 95 licensees who have contributed to or supported the ET3 body of knowledge. Evacuated Tube Transport, ETT, Evacuated Tube Transport Technologies ET3,'Space Travel on Earth' are trademarks/service marks of et3.com Inc. all rights reserved. For licensing see http://et3.net [10].
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Daryl OSTER, Masayuki KUMADA, Yaoping ZHANG.Evacuated tube transport technologies (ET3)tm:a maximum value global transportation network for passengers and cargo[J]  JMT, 2011,V19(1): 42-50
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