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1 Advances in design theories of high-speed railway ballastless tracks 2011 Vol.19(3):154-162
Xueyi LIU, Pingrui ZHAO, Feng DAI [摘要] (12144) [PDF 441KB] (2533)
2 Evacuated tube transport technologies (ET3)tm:a maximum value global transportation network for passengers and cargo 2011 Vol.19(1):42-50
Daryl OSTER, Masayuki KUMADA, Yaoping ZHANG [摘要] (11512) [PDF 1019KB] (6164)
3 Key vacuum technology issues to be solved in evacuated tube transportation 2011 Vol.19(2):110-113
Yaoping ZHANG, Daryl OSTER, Masayuki KUMADA, Jianye YU, Shengshan LI [摘要] (11246) [PDF 110KB] (1603)
4 Mechanistic-empirical pavement design guide(MEPDG):a bird's-eye view 2011 Vol.19(2):114-133
Qiang LI, Danny X. XIAO, Kelvin C. P. WANG, Kevin D. HALL, Yanjun QIU [摘要] (10460) [PDF 399KB] (3966)
5 Comparative analysis on dynamic behavior of two HMA railway substructures 2011 Vol.19(1):26-34
Mingjing FANG, Yanjun QIU, Jerry G. ROSE, Randy C. WEST, Changfa AI [摘要] (10210) [PDF 627KB] (2161)
6 Progress in high-speed train technology around the world 2011 Vol.19(1):1-6
Li ZHOU, Zhiyun SHEN [摘要] (10166) [PDF 329KB] (14565)
7 Pantograph and catenary system with double pantographs for high-speed trains at 350 km/h or higher 2011 Vol.19(1):7-11
Weihua ZHANG, Ning ZHOU, Ruiping LI, Guiming MEI, Dongli SONG [摘要] (9995) [PDF 746KB] (4035)
8 Key techniques for predicting the uncertain trajectories of moving objects with dynamic environment awareness 2011 Vol.19(3):199-206
Shaojie QIAO, Xian WANG, Lu'an TANG, Liangxu LIU, Xun GONG [摘要] (9744) [PDF 4245KB] (1257)
9 Strata consolidation subsidence induced by metro tunneling in saturated soft clay strata 2011 Vol.19(1):35-41
Taiyue QI, Bo GAO [摘要] (9425) [PDF 887KB] (2714)
10 Aerodynamic simulation of evacuated tube maglev trains with different streamlined designs 2012 Vol.20(2):115-120
Xuyong CHEN, Lifeng ZHAO, Jiaqing MA, Yuansen LIU [摘要] (9347) [PDF 188KB] (1552)
11 Elements of automated survey of pavements and a 3D methodology 2011 Vol.19(1):51-57
Kelvin C. P. WANG [摘要] (9287) [PDF 1701KB] (2277)
12 An improved algorithm for fluid-structure interaction of high-speed trains under crosswind 2011 Vol.19(2):75-81
Tian LI, Jiye ZHANG, Weihua ZHANG [摘要] (9199) [PDF 476KB] (1359)
13 Analysis on setting airshaft at mid-tunnel to reduce transient pressure variation 2011 Vol.19(2):88-93
Yingxue WANG, Bo GAO, Chao ZHANG, Xuzhou HE [摘要] (9180) [PDF 409KB] (1570)
14 Enhancement of flux pinning in GdBa2Cu3O7-y bulks prepared by nanoparticle-powder-assisted method 2011 Vol.19(2):105-109
C. H. CHENG, Chang Chun HSIEH, Chuan KE, H. ZHANG, C. C. SORRELL [摘要] (9169) [PDF 495KB] (1306)
15 An approach to optimize the settings of actuated signals 2011 Vol.19(1):68-74
Xinguo JIANG, Yanjun QIU, Sheng RUAN [摘要] (9088) [PDF 348KB] (1846)
16 A nonlinear control method for the electromagnetic suspension system of the maglev train 2011 Vol.19(3):176-180
Junqi XU, Yuan ZHOU [摘要] (9076) [PDF 216KB] (2238)
17 Design consideration of a super-high speed high temperature superconductor maglev evacuated tube transport (I) 2012 Vol.20(2):108-114
Jing JIANG, Xue BAI, Lei WU, Yong ZHANG [摘要] (9008) [PDF 402KB] (1232)
18 Key technologies for construction of Jinping traffic tunnel with an extremely deep overburden and a high water pressure 2011 Vol.19(2):94-103
Shougen CHEN, Heng ZHANG, Xinrong TAN, Liang CHEN [摘要] (8990) [PDF 13577KB] (2050)
19 High-speed railway channel measurements and characterizations: a review 2012 Vol.20(4):199-205
Tao ZHOU, Cheng TAO, Liu LIU, Jiahui QIU, Rongchen SUN [摘要] (8963) [PDF 424KB] (1577)
20 Dispatch coordination between high-speed and conventional rail systems 2011 Vol.19(1):19-25
Qiyuan PENG, Chao WEN [摘要] (8934) [PDF 374KB] (1646)
21 Rock slope stability evaluation in static and seismic conditions for left bank of Jinsha River Bridge along Lijiang-Xamgyi’nyilha railway, China 2012 Vol.20(3):121-128
Zhiming ZHAO, Guang WU, Esamaldeen ALI, Xihua WANG, Chuan KOU [摘要] (8903) [PDF 720KB] (1974)
22 Reasonable compensation coefficient of maximum gradient in long railway tunnels 2011 Vol.19(1):12-18
Sirong YI, Liangtao NIE, Yanheng CHEN, Fangfang QIN [摘要] (8882) [PDF 452KB] (2753)
23 Connect & Drive:design and evaluation of cooperative adaptive cruise control for congestion reduction 2011 Vol.19(3):207-213
Jeroen PLOEG, Alex F. A. SERRARENS, Geert J. HEIJENK [摘要] (8869) [PDF 496KB] (1237)
24 In-depth analysis of traffic congestion using computational fluid dynamics (CFD) modeling method 2011 Vol.19(1):58-67
Dazhi SUN, Jinpeng LV, S. Travis WALLER [摘要] (8860) [PDF 511KB] (2758)
25 A new method to reduce end effect of linear induction motor 2012 Vol.20(2):88-92
Xiaozhou GUO, Bin ZHOU, Jisan LIAN [摘要] (8833) [PDF 438KB] (1646)
26 Analysis of vibration reduction characteristics and applicability of steel-spring floating-slab track 2011 Vol.19(4):215-222
Wanming ZHAI, Peng XU, Kai WEI [摘要] (8775) [PDF 1708KB] (1890)
27 Design and optimization of a semi-active suspension system for railway applications 2011 Vol.19(4):223-232
Benedetto ALLOTTA, Luca PUGI, Valentina COLLA, Fabio BARTOLINI, Francesco CANGIOLI [摘要] (8647) [PDF 3720KB] (1988)
28 Theoretical analysis of the conversion from electrical into thermal energy in piezoelectric-conductive damping composites 2011 Vol.19(2):143-146
Wei WEI, Cheng HUANG, Zuowan ZHOU [摘要] (8640) [PDF 254KB] (1347)
29 Optimal control strategy for energy saving in trains under the four-aspect fixed autoblock system 2011 Vol.19(2):82-87
Qiheng LU, Xiaoyun FENG [摘要] (8583) [PDF 252KB] (1441)
30 Characteristics of seismic responses at liquefied and non-liquefied sites with same site conditions 2011 Vol.19(2):135-142
Jianjing ZHANG, Changwei YANG [摘要] (8472) [PDF 325KB] (1297)
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